Biden’s Mandates Have Precedent

Pfizer Vaccine Inches Closer to Approval for Kids

Stabilized dry antibodies could serve as the next great leap in treating diseases ranging from Covid-19 to cancer.

New study finds that previously held notions of metabolism and weight gain in adults may be incorrect

Desire may be influenced by the similarity of two people’s immune systems

Photo: Joshua McKnight/Pexels

Finding your your life’s work is about patience, observation and not missing subtle hints.

Complications of epidurals leave some new mothers in agonizing pain, unable to enjoy the joys of motherhood. This article details the cause and treatment of dural headaches.

Will circulating variants of Covid-19 “boost” immunity in vaccinated populations?

Proven vaccine technologies reveal a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccination


People have started receiving doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine in the U.K. This article details the ingredients included in the vaccine.

Image: Wikipedia commons

Jesse Smith, MS

Medical student, molecular biologist and educator. I write about science and medicine.

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