It seems like Covid news is everywhere. Trying to wade through all of the information over the past two years has been an exhausting process. Here are the articles surrounding Covid and vaccines I was reading this week.

Biden’s Mandates Have Precedent

Pfizer Vaccine Inches Closer to Approval for Kids

In a press release Pfizer reveals encouraging data about vaccine protection and…

Stabilized dry antibodies could serve as the next great leap in treating diseases ranging from Covid-19 to cancer.

Monoclonal antibody therapies were one of the great medical achievements in the 20th century. As antibody manufacturing technologies became available, researchers were given the power to create an antibody capable of binding nearly any target in the body. This revolutionized the way the diseases such as cancer are treated. However…

New study finds that previously held notions of metabolism and weight gain in adults may be incorrect

Weight gain in adults seems inevitable. As people near the age of 40, it seems more and more difficult to keep off the pounds. There has been a long held belief that human’s metabolism slows down throughout adulthood, making it increasingly difficult to maintain a lean physique. …

Finding your your life’s work is about patience, observation and not missing subtle hints.

When I was in my twenties I was clueless.

Sure I went to college straight out of high school and got jobs along the way. I even participated in career fairs to help students explore their areas of interest. I went through the motions that most would recommend to a…

Will circulating variants of Covid-19 “boost” immunity in vaccinated populations?

As the first group of people to receive Covid-19 vaccines reach the 6 month mark, the natural question in many people’s minds is: how long will this vaccine protect us against the virus? While research shows lasting and powerful protection, there is still concern that that immunity will fade with…

Proven vaccine technologies reveal a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccination

As vaccines begin to roll out across the United States, a third contender has risen through the ranks as a viable candidate for Covid-19 protection. The Johnson & Johnson AD26.COV2.S vaccine offers strong protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in only a single shot.

With the vaccine inching closer to public…

People have started receiving doses of the BNT162b2 vaccine in the U.K. This article details the ingredients included in the vaccine.

On December 8 a U.K. woman named Margaret Keenan became the first person to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. At age 90, Keenan marked the beginning of what will be a broad global effort to vaccinate people against Covid-19.

As doses make their way to the United States, this article details…

Jesse Smith, MS

Medical student and molecular biologist. I write about science, medicine, vaccines and dogs…yes dogs.

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